Good Friday and hundreds will process to a simple wooden cross in the Cathedral and make some gesture of respect and love.

All the people that approach the cross bring their own cross - challenges, crises, turmoil, conflicts and pain.

Each person, in kissing the cross somehow embraces their own pain and prays for that body on the cross to help them bear their own cross.

A wise person writes: "Modern advertising prompts us to think of the young, the strong, the beautiful and the successful.... After the scourging, when he hung dying on the cross, he looked ugly... God took this weak, powerless "failure: to be the means of our redemption...

Each Good Friday, through the veneration of the Cross, we think with Jesus about our own suffering and death and lay our sufferings at this crucified feet. May that gesture bring us to accept what we endure and then find in our sufferings the healing and peace that we all need."