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Joseph's Place

Joseph's Place

Joseph's Place

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About Us: 

Joseph's Place was formed in March of 2015 as we took the first step towards responding to the needs of our neighborhood.  We see ourselves as a supplement to the Maplewood Edgerton Emergency Kupboard (MEEK) which the Cathedral has been supporting for over 40 years. We provide food and fellowship for an average of 200 families each month and have served close to one thousand different families since we opened. We hope that everyone who enters recognizes that they are not just a number, but a member of our extended community. We seek to treat people with the dignity that Jesus did when He reached out to those on the margins of society. 



2nd Wednesday of the Month from 5-7pm

3rd Wednesday of the Month from 1-3pm

4th Wednesday of the Month from 1-3pm

Due to space constraints we do not open our doors before the designated times.  If there is unfavorable weather, please wait until we are open to arrive.



287 Flower City Park, Rochester, NY 14615

We share and entrance with St. Anne's Home & Heart.  


A special "Thanks" to our partners at Foodlink and Driving Park Price Rite whose dedication to the work we are doing is helping us grow to fill the needs of our neighborhood.


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