Cathedral Community Dinners

Cathedral Community Dinners

Next Dinner: Sunday January 6th 12:30pm

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Deserts from a wide variety of cultures provided by our Heritage Committee!


Community dinners were started by the Social Ministry Team of The Cathedral Community for two purposes. One was to feed those who were living in poverty and in need of a healthy meal. The other was to connect our sisters and brothers who live in poverty with the parishioners of our Cathedral Parish.

       We believe, as Christians and Catholics, that we have a solemn obligation to serve our brothers and sisters. We also believe that, as Disciples of Christ, we must reach out in love and compassion to all those in need. This obligation is not only one of satisfying our need to be of service, but also one of forming friendships, and building lasting relationships with our sisters and brothers. To that end, we have established a food pantry, a community garden, a jobs program, a summer food stand, a furniture ministry and community dinners.

        Jesus is calling us to walk with our neighbors in solidarity. We are called to “touch the flesh of Christ” through concrete actions of charity. We stand with Our Holy Father, Francis, who teaches us that “we must walk together and take care of one another.”