Children Baptism

Baptism for Infants & Children (younger than seven)

The Church baptizes young children based on the desire, in faith, of their parents or legal guardians.  Because children younger than seven do not yet have the ability to understand the meaning of baptism, and it rights and responsibilities, their parents are responsible for

  • desiring baptism,
  • promising to teach them about God and raise them as active members of the Catholic Church, and
  • completing a specific preparation for baptism.


Baptism preparation: Parents are the first and most important teachers of their children in the faith.  Our responsibility as a parish community is to support your efforts with a preparation program that is meaningful and helpful to you.  The steps are as follows:

  • Meet with one of our deacons for the baptismal session. Before meeting, it may be helpful to reflect on the conversation starters (click here). The baptism will also be scheduled. Please contact the office at 254-3221 x104 to schedule your meeting with one of our Deacons.
    • At this meeting you will discuss godparents. Godparents, as baptismal sponsors, promise to assist you in your duty as Christian parent(s) or guardians. To serve as a godparent, an individual must be at least 16 years old, have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church, and live a life in conformity with the gospel of Jesus Christ. A baptized non-Catholic Christian may serve as a Christian witness in place of one of the godparents.
  • Baptisms may be celebrated at any of our weekend liturgies: Saturday at 4:00 pm or Sunday, at 7:00, 9:15 or 11:15 am & 5:00 pm.  Baptism may also be celebrated Sunday afternoon at 12:45 pm (outside of Mass).  This option can be discussed when the baptism is scheduled. 
  • You will also be invited to a delicious dinner with other young families periodically which will offer timely tips and support for raising children in today’s church and world.


Godparent requirements:

A person is required to have at least one Godparent who meets the following requirements:

  • At least 16 years old
  • Fully-initiated Catholic (has celebrated Baptism, Confirmation and Communion)
  • Practices their Catholic faith
  • A baptized non-Catholic Christian may serve as a Christian witness in place of one of the godparents.