Covid Funeral Planning (Updated Feb 2021)

Directions for  FUNERALS AND THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC at The Cathedral Community

Welcome to The Cathedral Community. We offer you and your family our sympathy and prayers on the passing of one you love. 

We want to assist you in every way we can in planning a funeral.  Guidelines and options for planning the Funeral Mass itself can be found elsewhere on this website or will be provided by a parish staff member.

However, to keep you, your family and friends, colleagues and neighbors safe during this time of the pandemic, we now have to set the following directions for celebrating a funeral in the Cathedral.  We ask you to strictly adhere to them.

  1. All funerals, without exception during the time of this pandemic, are considered PRIVATE. This means that no more than 100 persons can be present.  Nor may the time and place of the funeral be announced in the obituary or any platform of social media.


  1. Funerals may be live-streamed, however, so that all who desire to do so can join with you virtually. Please check with the parish staff member about this option.


  1. We require that, for tracing purposes, a list of the names of those who will be physically present at the funeral be given to your funeral director the afternoon prior to the funeral, who will inform the cathedral staff. (If you are not working with a funeral director, the list must be provided directly to the cathedral staff the previous afternoon.)


  1. We ask that mourners arrive 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled funeral. All must be wearing masks and keep them on during their entire time in the building.  They must sanitize their hands upon entering the building.


  1. Their names will be verified by an usher at the door, who will direct everyone to the properly-spaced seating in the church. Despite your relationship with one another in other contexts (family, caregivers, co-workers and so on), we must insist on the social distancing as we have arranged it.  We regret we cannot seat anyone whose name is not on your list.


  1. Please do not bring display boards, easels, guest books or programs into the church. Current diocesan and state rules do not allow such items in our spaces.  You may distribute memorial cards as people leave the church after the funeral.


  1. Directions for receiving Holy Communion will be given just prior to the time in the Mass.


  1. Everyone is asked to leave the church building entirely at the end of the funeral – no gathering in the church or the vestibule/narthex for reunions and conversations. This is so we can sanitize the building completely before the next liturgy.


You will understand, we hope, that we give these directions out of a moral concern to keep each other safe and healthy.  Funerals are proving to be occasions for spreading the Covid-19 virus, and we want to remain open so we can serve our parishioners for Mass on the weekends, for other funerals, and for weddings.  You are key in helping us do that.

Although this is a difficult time for you and your family, we thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these directions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Cathedral office at (585) 254-3221.