Fully Engaged & Pre-Cana

The Fully Engaged and Pre-Cana Session are required in order to be married at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Fully Engaged:

  • Fully Engaged is an inventory that will help as a communication tool in your marriage. After taking the inventory and it is processed, you will meet one on one with the Deacon, from your wedding intake, to discuss the results. To sign up for a session, please call the Cathedral Main Office at 585-254-3221, ext. 104. All sessions are held on Sunday afternoons, from 12:45-1:45 in the Cathedral conference room.

                              January 12, 2020        February 9, 2020    March 8, 2020     April 19, 2020      May 3, 2020   

                                    June 7, 2020       September 13, 2020        October 11, 2020     November 8, 2020                                         


Follow up dates are scheduled on the day you take the inventory.


  • Pre-Cana is a parish-based marriage preparation program offered to engaged couples. At the session, mentor couples facilitate discussions on topics concerning Catholic Christian marriage. Pre-Cana sessions are scheduled on Saturday, April 25, 2020 and Saturday, October 24, 2020 location of Pre-Cana sessions are to be determined.  Please contact the office at (585) 254-3221 x 104 for more information.  The Cathedral Community at Sacred Heart Cathedral offers you prayerful support in this time of joy.  May your marriage preparation and wedding celebration lead you to the fullness of love and life.