Grounds Crew

Help Keep Our Cathedral Beautiful


Volunteers Needed No Experience Required

As in previous years our “Grounds Crew” is comprised of volunteers, each of whom “adopts” a section of the property and performs ongoing light maintenance on it throughout Spring, Summer and Fall. Volunteers are responsible for weeding, trimming, and keeping their area free of trash. There’s no mowing or heavy pruning and no special tools are needed. You are asked to provide your own equipment (gloves, rakes, trash bags, etc.) and you can schedule the work at your own convenience. Most of us find a couple times a month are adequate to do the job.

 Experienced Master Gardener with the Cornell Cooperative Extension will provide any training or advise as necessary.

 If you’d like to volunteer or have questions, contact Jim Martel (723-0321 or email [email protected]).

 Even if you’ve volunteered in past years, contacting us for this year will be extremely helpful.