Steps for Marriage Preparation

1vo6pemk9ird27iptld4rtpdwnl.jpg If you are interested in getting married at the Cathedral, please follow this process:

  1. View/Download the Wedding Guidelines OR call the Church Office at (585) 254-3221 to give your full name and address and the secretary/office assistant will send them to you through regular mail.
  2. Once you have read over the guidelines, please call our secretary Michele Kelly at (585) 254-3221, x104.  Indicate you have read/received the guidelines and wish to make an appointment with a priest or deacon in preparation for marriage.
  3. Meet with the priest/deacon to introduce yourself, start the paperwork, set the date, sign-up for Fully Engaged & Pre-Cana, and obtain materials for planning the actual wedding ceremony.
  4. Make your deposit to set the wedding date.
  5. Attend Fully Engaged & Pre-Cana Sessions.
  6. Peggy Kershner, Pre-Cana Chair, assigns and calls the bride to inform her of their Wedding Coordinator's name & contact information.
  7. Review and make selections for prayers, readings and music for the wedding ceremony.  (From the red or blue folder the priest/deacon gave you at the initial appointment.)  Please make sure you as a couple have done this before #8.
  8. Call (585) 254-3221, x124 and set-up a time to meet with our Music Director, Ginny Miller.
  9. Meet with the priest/deacon again to review Fully Engaged and Pre-Cana sessions.
  10. Connect with your Wedding Coordinator.  Usually they initiate the contact.
  11. If you are having a program, please e-mail it to Ginny Miller a week before the Rehearsal.
  12. Rehearsal the day before (or two days before).
  13. Actual wedding.